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Scrum Training

Agile Smile has delivered Scrum training courses for hundreds of people over many years. This includes delivering Agile and Scrum courses at post-graduate level at a top UK University in Yorkshire for 4 years. 


Scrum Training is always tailored to you. Generic Scrum and Agile training can only go so far. The Agile Manifesto is two pages long and the Scrum Guide is only 16 pages long. How can you translate this information into a viable setup for your business and teams?


Agile Smile holds certifications from the Scrum Alliance, including being a Certified Scrum Professional. This takes many years to achieve and required hundreds of hours of study and experience. We take all this experience and ensure you have the best quality scrum training that's exactly what your business needs.


Agile Smile will assess your needs and deliver a wide range of finely tuned agile training packages that are bespoke to your exact needs. This training starts with Agile and Scrum but can include training for both technical and non-technical staff, Managers, and Directors. Unlike other training providers we charge a flat rate per day, not per attendee.


This gives you the highest quality, most cost effective training for Scrum and Agile. Have a chat with us today.


Agile Consulting

The term Agile in relation to software has been around since 2001. It's defined in the Agile Manifesto and offers higher speed and improved quality of deliverables. Agile Smile has been using Agile and Scrum since 2005 and has a lot of experience and skills across a wide range of businesses.


Clients include large PLCs, government and financial organisations, through medium businesses and includes working directly with small start-ups. In a short amount of time, Agile Smile can show quantifiable and measurable improvements, not only in technical teams, but across your business.


Agile Smile works nationally across the UK


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Scrum Master

Everyone's a Certified Scrum Master these days, but not everyone has over ten years experience of being a Scrum Master. A good Scrum Master will not only help your team improve in quality and speed of delivery, but will also ensure that the 'health' of the team is continuously improving. This includes measuring all the things your teams need to sustain the rapid pace of delivery you get from Scrum.


It's essential that you have an experienced Scrum Master working with your team to maximise the value from your people and your products.


Henrik Kniberg puts it very succinctly:  “building the right thing, building the thing right, building it fast” - you want a balance of all three. An experienced Scrum Master will find that sweet spot and you'll have happy customers, happy developers, and a high quality product that delivers rapidly and keeps you ahead of you competitors. That's a lot of wins!


Whether providing Scrum Master services directly, or effective Scrum Training or Agile Coaching to your existing team, or a bespoke hybrid package, contact Agile Smile to see how we can help drive your business forward.


Agile Coaching

Great Agile Coaches help the teams they work with, achieve much more than they could on their own. They bring the skills, experience and craftsmanship not only in to the big picture discussions, but also into the day-to-day micro-decisions the team and business makes. Coaching requires a specialised and tailored approach to each team and business. That's why it's essential that you choose a coach with solid, long term experience across a wide range of environments.


Agile Smile has coached differing organisations on a huge range of products. From very high transaction eCommerce websites, to massive business-critical system migrations, to getting businesses started on the right track through their difficult start-up period.


Whether we work with you for half a day, or many months, we'll help you understand the impact Agile has across your business. We'll equip you with the skills and tools you need to understand how to optimise the value across every aspect of your product life cycle. We'll also help the people you work with, the core of any business, understand that too so you can all work in harmony producing fantastic results.


Call or email us today and see how Agile Smile can help transform your business and get you one step ahead of the competition