Scrum Training in Yorkshire

Scrum Training with a Yorkshire Company

Scrum Training is a key activity to get the best out of your people, products and business. We cover all over the UK and are based in between Leeds, York and Hull in Yorkshire. 


Agile Smile can deliver high quality, tailored technical scrum and agile training for your development team. Whether you want to up-skill the team or get them up to the right level for certification, we can provide the right package for you.


Don't think though that scrum training stops with the technical team. In order to maximise the benefits you need training across all areas of your business. If you think about the life cycle of your software, it starts with your business experts. You then need to be able to effectively translate their ideas through the human interface into development, on to successful delivery. But crucially you need all this to be a feedback loop from your end customers that gives useful feedback to your business experts. Ultimately this needs to be visible and tangible benefits to your business.


Training across the business in this manner is vital. It's also key that it's bespoke to your business.


Don't send your teams on a 2-day away day for some abstract training. Book an initial free consultation with Agile Smile and learn how we can come to you and deliver high quality agile and scrum training.


Agile Smile's Scrum Training can train your staff for the following certifications:


We're based in Yorkshire can provide both on-site and off-site training all over the UK.


Contact us to ask for details of our hugely successful recent training sessions based in Hull in East Yorkshire