Roche (Biotechnology)

Agile Smile is currently working on a high-profile, multi-national programme with teams and people based in North America, Europe and Asia. With significant early successes, some of the new practices introduced specifically by Agile Smile have been requested to roll out to other significant programmes of work across Roche

Agile Smile engaged with us as a Senior Agile Coach working across different departments at an executive and team level. This in areas both inside and outside of IT including operational business teams – introducing a whole org approach to agility. This had a focus on principles over practices and developing a custom approach to enabling the teams to deliver true end to end customer value. Also crystallized a coherent agile strategy for a department rooted in traditional methods using Lean agile and complexity models. This including a data driven approach to decisions and traceable work. Additionally, set up and delivered training on an Agile learning academy to help propagate new methods across the org

Agile Smile Led 4 teams within the Health Unit to remodel processes and practices to effectively deliver a critical new service. Chris gathered highly granular data on the work in-flight, and queued for development, enabling the team to make effective decisions whilst also providing transparency for the organisation and leadership. Working collaboratively with the team, SME’s, end-users, and customers this moved a new service into public beta that provided high value to the organisation and vulnerable members of the public

Agile smile worked with a delivery team on a late running waterfall project and with zero Agile experience with their principles, practices, and delivery. This guided a greater understanding of the reasons this critical project was late, whilst also optimizing ways of working and approaches to process improvements. Focusing effort on the high value aspects of the team’s work

Working with 8 delivery teams, Agile Smile worked to show a significant, quantifiable reduction in cycle time, an increase in throughput, and an increase in overall team satisfaction/ health in just 6, 2-week sprints
Hitachi Capital

The programme at Hitachi is set to deliver additional £500M Agile Smile delivered extensive training, consultation and development both formally and continuously to technical teams, business and senior management. Implemented the ‘Spotify Model’ using squads and chapters. Successfully delivered “one-click” deployment and collaborating with technical teams to implement BDD and TDD, along with continuous integration and DevOps provisioning; estimated to have saved the programme £1.5M, as well as other tangible benefits relating to quality and consistency.
Infinity Works Consulting

Infinity Works Consulting boasts an incredible Agile culture along with the leading Engineers and Technologists in the UK. Agile Smile played a key role in creating the Scrum Master Academy and then the Product Owner Academy that fed into Hitachi’s strategy to embed agile practices across the business and internally develop existing staff skills.
Gap Ltd

Agile Smile coached the entire business in Agile and Lean, with specific measurable successes across the technical teams. This included leading the transformation programme using Agile and Lean, implementing Kanban and Scrumban, then onto Scrum. We delivered new practices and mindset, along with tangible deliveries in a short time frame
Arc Studios Ltd

Agile Smile consulted and trained the team Arc Studios Ltd in lightweight lean startup principles and business strategy using custom Agile techniques. Arc continues to enjoy good growth and new business.
Reflex Data

Reflex Data Systems started working with Agile Smile in 2014. Agile Smile worked with their team on Agile and Scrum training in order to solve some barriers to developing new core systems